About Harj Nijjar

Hello, My name is Harj Nijjar and I am running for City Council to make Stratford a better place for everyone. Having lived in Stratford all my life, I believe the city can do better. I am an Information Technology Professional and a local business owner. Residents want a councillor that will walk into City Hall ready to champion their causes, advocate for this city at all levels of government and always remember their roots.

It starts with the basics: strong city services, good jobs, and robust communities. But the goal is bigger than that: to create a vibrant, world-class city that is home to citizens from all over the globe. Our city, with its hard-working and diverse people, demands better infrastructure, better opportunities, and better representation.

My Mission is to promote trust in politics and public service:

  • Affordable Living / Housing
  • Integrity / Accountability /Transparency
  • City Roads / Infrastructure
  • Cutting Red Tape for Faster Approvals
  • Youth and Senior Programs.

Our work is to provide Community Safety, Respect Tax Dollars, Job Creation, Supporting Our Youth and Seniors and ensuring a Collaborative Council working for you.

An innately hard-working Business Owner and an Information Technology Professional, I have spent the last 25 years growing companies through operational and strategic procurement, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and creating positive work environments. I know that with my experience and drive, I can make the change needed now to create a Stratford that benefits residents of today, tomorrow, and the future.

As a proud father, husband, and active volunteer community member, I know that advocating for, and listening to residents, is what makes our community our home, a place to be proud of, to feel safe and comfortable in, to learn and thrive from.

On October 24th, please vote Harj Nijjar to make Stratford a Better Place For Everyone.